Valery Shatunov (biography)

Valerijus Šatunovas is a Lithuanian artist, illustrator and advertising designer, animator, inventor and writer. He received his education in the fields of graphic engraving, etching, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and art history – at the School of Art under the Ministry of Culture and Science of Lithuania. Valery received further education under the guidance of his father Viktor Shatunov, a world-famous illustrator of children’s books. Their first joint book was put into circulation in 1989, with three consecutive editions by the Malysh publishing house. The circulation reached more than 3,000,000 copies. Valery continues to create illustrations for children’s books together with his father, which are still published in more than 12 countries around the world. The total circulation of jointly created books reached more than 20,000,000 copies.

In 1998, he graduated from a computer school and received a computer graphics designer diploma. Later, Valery performed many internships in the field of computer graphics in various studios around the world.

Since 2002, he has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator in one of the world’s largest global advertising agencies in the network “AGECOM” – “LOWEAGE” – LITHUANIA. He has got several joint awards with LOWEAGE in the Golden Hummer and Adrenalin international competitions – 2 Golden Arrows, 3 Silver Arrows, 5 Bronze Arrows. The works are published not only in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, but also reach other markets: Sweden, Belarus, Poland, Russia, etc… Among the works performed there were for the world’s largest companies and corporations (Unilever, JTI, BMW, Land Rover, Rover, Subaru, Mini, Cosmopolitan, Pernod Ricard, BerlinChemie, Lukoil, SAS, HRG, Fashion, Hediard Wallark and many others).

In 2005, while working at LOWEAGE, he founded and managed his own creative design and  production advertising agency.

Valery has been drawing pictures since childhood. It is precisely on them that stylistics, new combinations of colors and ornaments, new techniques and possibilities are applied.

Valery’s father had always declared that a piece of art drawn on paper is the true original, and all digital technologies lose the original source. And they may not have the full value.

Therefore, when creating his artworks, Valery works a lot with his hands.

In 2015, the artist presented 3 of his first innovative paintings, that started back in 1991.

In 2019, he presented 7 of his innovative paintings and called the project

The paintings glow in the dark with ultraviolet rays and have new visual possibilities.

The project is slowly developing and so far 14 unique paintings have been produced.

Working in various fields, Valery likes to experiment with different materials and production techniques. The advertising industry is advanced, material technology and capabilities primarily use the latest achievements.

Rusty paintings – painted with liquid metals

 Today a new project is being presented to your attention – Rusty paintings:  the works are painted with DOSO METAL® liquid metals. The paintings are the result of constant experimentation, and these works are based on new technologies and materials such as atomized metals – iron, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, bronze, etc.

Valery Shatunov’s collection of paintings was created using a completely new and unique painting technology – using only various liquid metals and patination agents.

DOSO METAL ® liquid metal is a two-component product developed by the company Domus Solution, consisting of a natural metal and a water-based binder, which does not contain harmful volatile substances and meets all safety requirements. After coating the surfaces with liquid metal and allowing it to dry, the surface is sanded and, if necessary, polished to the desired gloss. In order to obtain the effect of aging or rust, the surface is covered with a special patina. To protect the surface from external influences, the paintings are covered with wax.

The pictures are painted on a special hard and thin 3mm composite base, which is not afraid of water and is resistant to various climatic conditions. The pictures are ready to be hung on the aluminum profile attached to the back of the picture. All paintings are unique and long lasting.

Valery Shatunov’s pictures are painted using innovative technology – liquid metal and various metals.

From the author: 

When I first tried DOSO METAL® liquid metal technology and capabilities, I was surprised not only by the exceptional result, but also by the endless creative possibilities!

Rust – as an expression of a time interval.

Rust is like art. Rust is enchanting!

Nature creates its own unique art. We have found ways to control these processes.

Metal oxidation is used as a tool to express the process of change over time.

Each picture painted with DOSO METAL® liquid metal is unique and one-of-a-kind.


The pictures are divided into several categories:

  1. Flat paintings with texture “2D”.
  2. Multi-layer flat paintings “FLAT 3D”.
  3. Volumetric paintings – “3D” sculptures.
  4. Volumetric paintings – “3D” sculptures with mechanical movements of some elements.


Existing series:

Rusty paintings “Insects”

Rusty paintings “Marine Fauna”

Rusty paintings Coat Of Arms

Rusty paintings Old Classic Remix

Rusty paintings “Metal Paintings”

Planned series:

Rusty paintings “Origami”

Rusty paintings “Upside Down”

Rusty paintings “Legends”

Rusty paintings “Mechanisms & Transport”

Rusty paintings “Animals”

Rusty paintings “Flowers”

Individual orders are available

To apply for an individual order, contact e-mail by mail:

or call: +370 670 13 840

We will consider various options and possibilities.


Painting prices vary. To find out the price of the painting you are interested in, as well as whether the painting is not reserved, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

For your convenience, you can use the request form on the website.


Delivery options, prices and deadlines for each picture are agreed individually.

Opportunity to view before making a decision

In the territory of Lithuania and neighboring countries, by separate agreement, we provide the opportunity to “try on” paintings in your interior. The service is paid.

We offer the possibility to buy in installments.


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